April 6, 2012

Robert Graves Coffeehouse

We might be taking the weekend off from The Oxford Roof Climbers Rebellion performances, but we at Caffeine are still spending the weekend with Robert Graves and his friends! You can find information about our coffeehouse here:

From post-war poetry to comedic interpretations of
I, Claudius, Caffeine Theatre and the Oxford Roof Climbers (Benevolent Order Of) invite you to join us for an evening exploring the life and work of Robert Graves. The Robert Graves Coffeehouse will feature short plays by Emma Stanton and Travis Williams and the poetic stylings of Kay Kron and Ian Randall, and Caffeine Associate Artistic Directors Dan Smith and Kristin Idaszak will host. Please drop by Dollop Coffee & Tea for a casual gathering this Saturday night at 6pm for this FREE event.

Dollop Coffee & Tea (4181 N Clarendon Ave), Saturday, April 7 @ 6pm. As always, our Coffeehouses are free of charge.

Participating artists include:

Mr. Philosopher
by Emma Stanton, directed by John Rooney

Graves: Thom Pasculli
Samuel: Nathan Grant
Young Man: Daniel Desmarais
Young Woman: Havalah Grace

by Travis Williams

Left: Michael Mercier
Right: Ben Muller

Again, special thanks to our friends at Dollop!