March 22, 2010

from the Emerging Theatre Award finalists

Caffeine is proud to be one of the five finalists for the "2010 Broadway In Chicago Emerging Theater Award." The award was created in 2007 to encourage, support and promote emerging theatres in Chicago that have demonstrated great ability and promise, artistic excellence and fiscal responsibility in business practices. The winner will be selected by a majority vote of their peers - member companies of the League of Chicago Theatres. Here's a message from the five fantastic finalists...

Hi Chicago!

Our five companies – Caffeine, Dog & Pony, New Leaf, Steep, and Theatre Seven of Chicago – are so collectively thrilled to be considered for this year’s Broadway in Chicago Emerging Theatre Award. It truly is an honor to be nominated, and we’re sending out this message because we are just so pleased – all of us – to be in the company of so many committed, visionary, talented artists within our broad community and within these five companies specifically. We know each other, respect one another’s work, see each other’s shows – and it’s really a thrill to be in this together.

One of the proudest hallmarks of Chicago’s dynamic theatre community is that it’s just that – a community. We’re a huge family of artists who strive towards the same goals of thought-provoking, inventive, exciting theatre that asks our audiences some of life’s most mystifying and important questions. Each company in this town takes a different path to and around and through, and yet we still get to these questions’ (and our audiences’) core in effective, engaging, and innovative ways. This is what makes Chicago the best town in which to make and see theatre.

So, we wanted to take a moment to thank you for this community we’ve made together, and we wanted to come to you as a group and let you know more about all five of us. To us, this is an opportunity to celebrate our collective accomplishments thus far, and look forward to an exciting future.

If you haven’t already joined each of us for a show, we hope you will soon. Here’s what’s we’ve got going on:

CaffeineWild Nights with Emily (through April 11)
Dog & Pony
The Twins Would Like to Say (through April 25)
New Leaf
Curse of the Starving Class (April 15 – May 22)
Harper Reagan (through April 25)
Theatre Seven of Chicago
Mimesophobia (through April 4)

If you’re a representative of a League member theatre company, you can also learn more about our companies and perform your democratic duty here.

If you’re with a theatre company that’s not a member of the League, you can cruise over here to learn more about joining the party.

And if you just want to learn more about what’s up in Chicago theatre, you should head here.

Caffeine – Dog & Pony – New Leaf – Steep – Theatre Seven of Chicago

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